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Young Carers ID Card

Young Carers ID card poster

The Young Carer ID is a simple card that can be used by Young Carers to identify themselves, feel valued and receive the support that they deserve. The card is designed to help professionals including doctors, teachers, and pharmacists to recognise a young carer. This helps provide the appropriate support that Young Carers need and deserve. All promotional material for the ID card has been co- designed by engaging Young Carers from across Bridgend secondary schools.

One key focus is working with schools and colleges to help Young Carers recognise that they are a carer, because many do not realise this. Schools can also help Young Carers and their families to understand their rights under the Social Services and Well-being Act. Not all carers will want a ‘carers needs assessment’ but the service is helping raise awareness that this is available and an entitlement. The service has been working closely with partners to develop and ensure that there is a clear pathway of communication available for Young Carers, parents, schools, colleges and third sector organisations; to ensure the correct advice, information and support is available for young carers and young adult carers.

Download an application form for a young carers ID card here

Young Carers ID card Launch Event video