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Young Carers Ambassadors

The role of a young carer ambassador is to promote, support, develop and drive the young carers network forward. The ambassadors shape the network providing a voice for all young carers to be heard and acted upon. The ambassadors hold vital roles within their schools breaking down barriers and creating positive environments allowing young carers to develop, thrive and full their full potential. The number of ambassadors has grown from 3 in 2022 to 14 ambassadors across secondary schools within Bridgend County.

Young Carers Ambassadors video

Meet some of the ambassadors

“Hi my name is Ffion and I became a young carer ambassador in June 2022. To me being a young carer ambassador is very rewarding and something that I am very proud of. Being an ambassador for other young carers has enabled me to use my voice, it has given me the confidence to speak for the young carers of Bridgend and be listened too. To me being a young carer ambassador is a very honouring role as it enables me to be a voice for young carers in Bridgend.”

“My name is Tia and I have been a Young Carer Ambassador since June 2022. I am one of the youngest ambassadors and when I first became one, I was a little shy and nervous. I have found that since I have become more involved, I feel more confident and the support I have from other ambassadors has been amazing. I have a voice and I also like to be the voice of other Young carers in Bridgend especially the ones from my school.”

“Hello, my name is Cameron. I became a young carers ambassador in January 2023. Before then I had never even heard of what that was or meant. But to say that it’s impacted my life would be an understatement, I’ve become a voice for young carers. Someone who knows and can convey the realities of young carers to others, either to those who are carers who may not be aware that they are, or those who aren’t. Making people aware of these young people’s lives. It is a joy and a pleasure for me. Giving a voice to those unheard can always help, it’s certainly helped me.”

“My name is Emily and I became a young carer ambassador in September 2022. Being a young carer ambassador means so much to me as I can help be the voice of other young carers. Being an ambassador also means that I help others, helping others makes me so proud to be an ambassador as I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.”