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Super Agers

The super agers project focuses on providing opportunities for older adults in Bridgend County to be more active. Using a multi-agency approach, Bridgend County Borough Council have been working with partners and older adults to develop activities, building on the success of the OlympAge programme, which aims to develop age-friendly communities and recognise the health and wellbeing benefits of encouraging older people to move more often. 

OlympAge provides games and activities in care settings and day centres, and hosts an annual OlympAge Games event where people come together to celebrate the programme, socialise with others and take part in physical activity.

You can take part in super agers activities online here: Active at home-Super-Agers « Ageing Well in Bridgend ( or to find out more please contact Bridgend County Borough Council’s Prevention and Wellbeing Team on 01656 815215 or email

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